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Foreclosure Mind

Live Event Itinerary - September 10, 2022

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Thank you for registering for the Expanded Lessons on The Foreclosure Mind & Legal System! We look forward to seeing you there! View our event itinerary and map of the Clarion Inn & Suites.

Event Itinerary - September 10, 2022

9:10-9:50: Charles Castellon – Intro & Lessons on the Foreclosure Mind (40 min) Inspirational to succeed in life/business through win-win deals, big picture emphasis and how buying foreclosures is a means to an end-tool. Success and money = solve problems.

Lessons on the Foreclosure Mind (right brain) mental state of the distressed borrow, shark tank, why they won’t be ready to sell until they’ve exhausted every effort to save, the save strategies, and how to stand out from the crowd. Talk about the hidden gold mine of pre-foreclosure opportunities, but you need to found as the problem-solver.

9:50-10:30: Eric Shulman – Building Radical Empathy – Overview of the most effective, honest and win-win sales system (40 min)

10:30-10:45: First Break – Nuview IRA (15 min)

10:45-11:25: Jackie Jackson – Tax Deeds as a lucrative alternative strategy to building wealth through income-producing assets (40 min)

11:25-11:40: OPEN Q&A (15 min)

11:40-1:00: Break & Working Lunch and messages from Nuview and open Q&A (80 min)

1:00-2:05: Steve Goldhersz- his story, how he did it, unlocking the power of the mind and creative financing. (65 min)

2:05-2:45: Gail Gates – Understanding court records (40 min)

2:45-3:00: – Break

3:00-3:05: Steve’s Intro of CPC (5 min)

3:05-3:55: Charles Castellon – The other side of the Foreclosure Mind (left brain) mastering the legal system, including a real case study (50 min)

3:55-4:20: Charles Castellon – Presentation of the Business & Success Package (25 min)

4:20-4:35: Break

4:35-5:00: Faceless Marketing – Building your brand in-bound marketing system and how not to get ripped off. What works and what doesn’t + lessons from business clients. (25 min).

PRESENTERS - Charles Castellon, Steve Goldhersz, Eric Shulman, Jackie Jackson , Gail Gates, Faceless Marketing AND MESSAGES FROM NUVIEW

Event Presenters

Charles Castellon

Eric Shulman

Steve Goldhersz

Gail Gates

Jackie Jackson

Faceless Marketing