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How To Use Our New Affiliate System

How To Use Our New Affiliate System

Learn The Foreclosure Mindset. Through our courses and masterclasses, students will learn how to establish credibility, excel in buying foreclosures, build trusted relationships, and serve homeowners going through great financial distress with their homes. The next historic opportunity to buy distressed properties is among us! We have introduced our new affiliate system for our allies. Earn a sizable commission for every referral you make for our educational programs.


Who Can Become An Affiliate

The Foreclosure Mind Affiliate Program is open everyone from industry professionals to our brightest students. Our Partner Family Includes:

Content Creators

Got a website, a blog, a YouTube channel, or an online course? Now, you can build another income stream while helping your audience find success in real estate and foreclosures.


Your earning potential does not depend on your real estate experience level. Together, we can partner up to help your audience uncover new investing opportunities in real estate.

The Foreclosure Mind Advocates

You know that The Foreclosure Mind’s courses open the door to lucrative opportunities. No matter the size of your audience, simply share your excitement for our great tools and content and help others thrive in real estate to build better lives and businesses.


Benefits of Our New Affiliate Program

When you help your audience, we help you. Through our affiliate program, you will be able to earn top rewards. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Partner Benefits

Get personalized discount codes for your audience to make you look good for bringing them to the Foreclosure Mind.

Full Support

Promotions are easier with done-for-you copy swipe files, creative inventory, and more.

1-on-1 Access

Partner-up with a dedicated Affiliate Team Member to drive your success.


Apply To The Foreclosure Mindset Affiliate Program

Become a top earner and build a second stream of cashflow. Fill out the form below to get approved to become an affiliate



How To Use Our New Affiliate System

It’s easy to get started with our new affiliate program. Pretty soon, you will be earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars for your referrals.


Apply Online Now

Fill out a simple form to tell us a little bit about yourself to get started.

Get Qualified

Our team will let you know if you qualify within 48-72 hours.

Meet Your Manager

Get onboarded with your own personal affiliate link from our managers.

Start Earning

Share your affiliate link with your audience to build revenue.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Affiliate Program

What Is The Foreclosure Mind?

The Foreclosure Mind is a masterclass in excelling in buying foreclosures. Our  masterclass was created by Charles Castellon is the product of his years in the “foreclosure trenches” and the many lessons learned about distressed homeowners and the legal system that investors can use to build their real estate empire.

Who can be an Affiliate Partner?

This program is good for real estate agents, real estate investors, real estate appraisers, and other real estate industry professionals.

How do I qualify?

Simply submit an application, and the Team will get back to you and let you know if you qualify within 48 hours.

I don’t sell real estate. Can I still become an Affiliate Partner?

Yes! As long as you have an audience who might be interested in building/expanding a business through real estate investing, our program is a great opportunity for you.

Are there any restrictions on commissions?

There is no limit to your earning potential. However, commissions are limited to new users who sign up under your link or promotion code. Existing users will not count towards your commission.


About Charles Castellon

Charles Castellon has been a practicing attorney since 1992, licensed in the state and federal courts of Florida and New York, an investor, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and thought leader. Following the 2008 economic collapse and resulting foreclosure crisis, Charles helped hundreds of distressed homeowners and investors by defending their foreclosure cases and negotiating short sales, loan modifications and other resolutions. Charles’ primary expertise is in real estate and works mainly with investors in a wide variety of transactions and lawsuits.

Charles is an approved faculty member of the Florida Association of Realtors and has twice been awarded the affiliate member of the year by the Osceola County Association of Realtors. He regularly delivers presentations and publishes articles on legal, wealth-building and asset- protection matters to real estate professionals, business-owners and investors.