Education & Community Package

Get a bite-sized version of package 1 for a fraction of the price to jumpstart your real estate portfolio. Scroll down for a full description of this product.



#1: 6-Week Master Class Series

Learn real estate investing live with this 6-Week Master Class of Zoom Webinars with Charles Castellon and each of the five event presenters, October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3, 17 (off November 10):

Steve Goldhersz — unlocking the great power of your mind, getting out of your own way, goal setting, and most importantly—execution of your game plan to attain wealth.

Charles Castellon Contribution: overview of the principles of asset protection and why you need to build your fortress before you’re wealthy to protect against creditors and predators

Faceless Marketing — building your inbound marketing platform and brand through social media, website and blog. This program has a special emphasis of helping you get found by motivated sellers, especially distressed borrowers in “pre-foreclosure,” which is behind in payments but not yet sued for foreclosure with no public record in existence to target them in an in-bound campaign.

Charles Castellon Contribution: more in-depth lessons on foreclosure defense and “save the home” strategies—to bolster your reputation as a problem-solver to stand out from the sharks seeking to buy their homes

Gail Gates — designing your effective outbound marketing campaign to reach home owners in foreclosure through public court records.

Charles Castellon Contribution: further build and bolster your expertise and problem-solving skills through the legal, technical side, including foreclosure defense strategies, how to stop foreclosure court sales to keep your deal alive (without getting into legal trouble) and an overview of the alter

Eric Shulman—mastering the most effective and honest sales skills to make win-win deals and understanding that when you’re buying, you’re selling—persuading the potential seller to do business with you, even if you don’t offer the highest purchase price.

Charles Castellon Contribution: negotiating skills and strategies from 30 years of legal practice and making deals through hundreds of mediation conferences, with a special bonus contribution with the most effective mediator Charles has ever worked with.

Jackie Jackson—mastering the basics of tax deed investing through the “Tax Deed Light” introductory program.

Charles Castellon Contribution: why quiet title legal actions become necessary to file after acquiring title through tax deed purchases, how to complete quiet title actions effectively and efficiently and the secret alternative to filing a quiet title suit that the legal profession doesn’t want you to know exists.

Charles Castellon—a wrap-up of the Foreclosure Mind program with comprehensive lessons from 30 years as an attorney and investor. Charles will teach fundamental principles on wealth-building and preservation, learning from OPM (other people’s mistakes—including Charles’, his clients and business associates from over the years) and ask him anything.


#2: Membership To Our Private Facebook Group

Membership in a private Facebook group designed for maximum leveraging opportunity from a community of like-minded, driven investors seeking better lives and businesses the right way.  If you want to walk fast, walk alone, to walk far, walk with others.  Charles will also host quarterly live networking mixers and education events to bring the members together.


#3 Free Admission to All of Charles’ Events and Webinars in 2023

Free Admission to All of Charles’ Events and Webinars in 2023, including:

Playing Defense—the Mastery of Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation
Probate Hats—How to build wealth through purchasing properties out of probate
Hard Money Lending—how to build lender relationships to find money and learn to become a hard money lender as an investor yourself.
Who, Not How—unlock the power of leveraging relationships to achieve your greatest potential, with a focus on the legal tools available, including Joint Venture Agreements, LLC Operating Agreements and a primer on syndication and capital-raising