September 10, 2022 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Clarion Inn & Suites | 5829 Grand National Drive, Orlando, FL, 32819, US

This is a full-day seminar full of top-shelf expert presenters in their fields and the “macro” of executable lessons and skill sets for business/life beyond buying foreclosures (better lives/businesses). Registrants will gain valuable content worth well beyond the ticket price. Learn how to acquire income-producing properties in this top wealth-building program.

Charles P Castellon is hosting a full-day event that will offer expanded lessons on The Foreclosure Mind and the legal system. This will be a deep dive where you will go beyond elements of understanding The Foreclosure Mind, and the distressed homeowner, and a much deeper dive and detail of the treatment of the legal system. Charles will teach you what you need to know about that, and how to succeed in buying foreclosures.


Saturday, September 10, 2022
Clarion Inn & Suites Across From Universal Orlando Resort
5829 Grand National Drive, Orlando, FL, 32819, US
9:00 pm —5:00 pm (registration at 8:30)
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Life and Business Success Principles

  • Far beyond buying foreclosures
  • Strategies, behaviors, and goal-setting

These are strategies for building a better life and business – life and business success principles, which go far beyond the subject of buying foreclosures. This live event on September 10 is going to provide you with strategies, behaviors, and goal setting to build better lives and businesses and “take it to the next level”.


Case Studies With Court Docket

Charles will be using a real-life foreclosure case as an example to illustrate how to pursue a deal in real life. You will also learn about other liens that the property will have and where they stand in the hierarchy of liens. Learn how to buy from the court sale while avoiding those costly tragic mistakes that he has seen so many investors make. These mistakes occur when they do not know what they are doing at a court auction. He will also teach you how to pursue that opportunity as an alternative to buying directly from the homeowner. You will also receive a full set of legal forms for your purchase transaction, which is going to be investor-friendly forms that help you through every stage of that transaction.


Resources For Investors

Charles will teach you foreclosure solutions for borrowers that you can explain to them, help them understand, what they can do to avoid foreclosure to build that bond, trust and rapport that is going to lead them to sell the property to you. He is going to do a much more detailed deep dive on the life of a foreclosure case. This is going to do a detailed case study of a real foreclosure.

You will learn how to read an online court docket to understand the case. All of these elements of understanding a foreclosure case is not for the sake of understanding a foreclosure case. It is to help you understand what is going on with this foreclosure and whether it makes sense for you. Which is all linked toward the overall greater purpose of acquiring income-producing properties to build wealth and financial freedom.


Masterclass Highlights:

  • More on foreclosure solutions for borrowers
  • Deep-dive into the life of a foreclosure case

– Detailed case study of a real foreclosure
– Understanding of other liens
– How to read an online court docket to understand the case – Is it worth pursuing or should you walk away?

  • How to buy at the court sale while avoiding only costly mistakes
  • How to help the borrower stop the court sale to buy time
  • Complete set of legal forms for your purchase transaction
  • Helpful educational materials for distressed homeowners


About Charles Castellon

Charles Castellon has been a practicing attorney since 1992, licensed in the state and federal courts of Florida and New York, an investor, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and thought leader. Following the 2008 economic collapse and resulting foreclosure crisis, Charles helped hundreds of distressed homeowners and investors by defending their foreclosure cases and negotiating short sales, loan modifications and other resolutions. Charles’ primary expertise is in real estate and works mainly with investors in a wide variety of transactions and lawsuits.


Charles is an approved faculty member of the Florida Realtors and has twice been awarded the affiliate member of the year by the Osceola County Association of Realtors. He regularly delivers presentations and publishes articles on legal, wealth-building and asset- protection matters to real estate professionals, business-owners and investors.


About Eric Shulman

Eric brings over 5 decades of business experience to the table. A “Serial Entrepreneur”, he’s worked with both tangible and intangible products and services in B2B and B2C environments. After building and selling 5 businesses on his own, he started An INSIDE Man specifically to work with other business owners to provide business connections, improve their business and help them set it up to profitably sell when the time is right.

Eric started his career helping build and run a successful chain of music stores in NJ and FL. He started National List Council, a direct marketing company in 1980. Over the next 12 years, he grew the business to 17,000 square feet with over 50 employees. When he sold NLC, he joined his new wife’s business: Sprinkles Custom Cakes! In just 6 months, Sprinkles grew from doing 4 wedding cakes per month at “grocery store prices” up to 15 to 20 per week at double the price! After selling Sprinkles in 1995, he led a national sales force selling Business Consulting Services in NY, Boston, DC, NJ, VA, and FL. His close ratio was 5 times the company average. When his earnings potential capped out, he opened a Sales Training Business in 2003, and was named Rookie of the Year in just 8 months. After almost 2 decades in that field, he sold in 2019. An Inside Man is his latest venture: Putting his 50 years of business expertise to work for others.

Eric has been recognized in every industry he’s chosen. He’s been awarded a Gold Addy, the Ellis Award and Direct Mail Person of the year in his marketing career. He was Salesman of the Year for 5 years running in the business consulting world and, in his career in Sales Training, he received every award up to and including the Diamond Level. He’s been a featured speaker for local, regional and national events and works with the University of Central Florida in their Professional Selling Program continuously over the last 15 years. If you’ve got business or sales questions, Eric has the answer…or knows where to find it! | | | (321) 301-5700


About Steve Goldhersz

Steve Goldhersz is a highly successful independent “buy and hold” real estate investor. Investing for over 20 years, he has built a large portfolio of single and multi-family residential real estate, most of which has been bought without banks, using zero down seller financing, and private money.

Steve was able to leave his corporate job after spending many years as a highly successful sales associate and manager. As a result, Steve developed unique communication skills that allowed him to be one of the top salespersons year after year. Steve uses these same techniques in his real estate business. He is a master at finding people with money and showing them how they can get a high rate of return by lending it to him. He now shares these real-life stories, deals, experiences and techniques and how they can be applied to your business.

Steve has coached real estate investors for several years and has come to understand how we stop our momentum. He has developed a program based on aligned mindset, and belief systems combined with accountability and guidance.

Come learn how to connect the dots and move from where you are today to where you dream of being!


About Gail Gates

Gail Gates, affectionately known as Mom by her customers, has been the “Mother of Foreclosures” Since 1991. She began working part time for a small town publication doing Orange and Seminole county foreclosure data. After realizing the need for timely, comprehensive information and with the blessing of her employer, she packaged her hand written research for distribution to investors . After the creation of the Internet Gail created, Information Resource Service of Fl. She designed the first of many versions of what was to become the leading for foreclosure data resource in Florida. She expanded the company out of Central Florida, one county at a time, until irsfl was covering 32 counties throughout the State of Florida and licensed three other northern States. In 2009 she sold irsfl. In 2012 she returned to the Off-Market Real Estate business launching Aquestor.

The name changed but her eye for detail and passion for the business made her data the “have to” tool for investors. It is her tireless concern for the homeowners in need of guidance that keeps her invested in the success of her customers. She sincerely cares about each and every customer and the people they find through her data. As a wealthy builder and businesswomen she is invaluable, warm, caring, funny and knowledgeable which earned her the nickname “MOM”. | | (407) 724-2461


About Jackie Jackson

Who is Jackie Jackson Real Estate Investor? Jackie Jackson is CEO and founder of Tax Deed Genius ™ Real Estate Expert, Coach & Mentor, and Tax Lien & Tax Deeds Investor. ​Jackie empowers her clients with the tools, resources and the step by step guidance necessary to design their dream life by investing in real estate. With the Tax Deed Genius Online Course, you can learn at your own pace. Jackie also hosts virtual Workshops and Bootcamps. Jackie shares lessons learned from her 14 years of experience investing in real estate on @TheJackieJackson on YouTube!

After working over a decade in corporate America, climbing the success ladder to vice president, Jackie decided to walk away from it all. As a result, she pursued her calling as a mentor, motivator and business coach to Orlando, FL entrepreneurs looking to concur and crush their goals, stay motivated, and also master the ultimate work life balance with their families.


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