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Join us in this FREE Masterclass to learn how to establish credibility, Excel In Buying Foreclosures, build trusted relationships and serve homeowners going through great financial distress with their home. You’ll discover the INSIDE SCOOP on distressed owner’s plights, how to best approach these scenarios and master buying distressed properties in ANY stage of foreclosure.

The Foreclosure Mind Webinar 2022

The Foreclosure Mind Seminar 2022 Live Event

Saturday, September 10, 2022
Clarion Inn & Suites Across From Universal Orlando Resort
5829 Grand National Drive, Orlando, FL, 32819

Go beyond understanding The Foreclosure Mind, and the distressed homeowner, and a much deeper dive and detail of the treatment of the legal system

About Charles Castellon

Charles Castellon has been a practicing attorney since 1992, licensed in the state and federal courts of Florida and New York, an investor, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and thought leader. Following the 2008 economic collapse and resulting foreclosure crisis, Charles helped hundreds of distressed homeowners and investors by defending their foreclosure cases and negotiating short sales, loan modifications and other resolutions. Charles’ primary expertise is in real estate and works mainly with investors in a wide variety of transactions and lawsuits.

Charles is an approved faculty member of the Florida Realtors and has twice been awarded the affiliate member of the year by the Osceola County Association of Realtors. He regularly delivers presentations and publishes articles on legal, wealth-building and asset- protection matters to real estate professionals, business-owners and investors.

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